Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Shadows We Know By Heart

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Years ago a tragedy struck Leah's family.  Ever since her mother has been distant, her father an unhappy, strict pastor, and she and her remaining brother Matt are left to fend for themselves and find themselves bucking against the confines.  As the story progresses we get bits and pieces of the past revealing the "deaths" of her best friend's father and his son Reed and her other brother Sam.

Since that awful tragedy Leah has been told to stay out of the woods but she is drawn there, especially because she has seen Bigfoot.  At the beginning of the book she also sees someone else living with the Bigfoot - a boy, a wild boy.

Leah is drawn to the boy and despite her father's warnings goes to the woods and befriends the boy and a female Bigfoot.  The boy is so familiar - but he can't be???  

Because the book reveals the past quite slowly I was a bit weirded out at first about who the wild boy was.  Then it became more clear.  I felt that the romantic attachment was a bit much (Twilight anyone) and will keep this from my library (only goes up to 5th grade).  I also didn't like the stereotype strict pastor, rebellious preacher's kid angle - especially at the beginning (Footloose anyone) but that got more understandable as the book went on (I am a preacher's kid - non rebellious).  I felt that the book could have been cut by about 50 pages or so but in the end I did enjoy it.

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