Monday, January 2, 2017

Allie, First at Last

Allie's family is pretty incredible.  Her grandfather won the Medal of Honor, her sister started a nonprofit organization helping students, her brother is a soccer phenom, her younger sister stars in commercials and Allie? ...  Nothing.  Every time she tries to win a contest she fails.  And now, her best friend has deserted her as well.  When the Trailblazer Contest comes up Allie knows she can win by doing a photo essay of her famous grandfather and his medal.  But along the way things get worse not better - she alienates her best friend even more, screws up a new friendship, and gets frustrated at the person she loves the most.   Can Allie get her priorities straight and discover that a trophy on the shelf is not the most important thing?

Lots of heart.  Even though this book has some familiar middle grade themes it is a solid book that will find an audience.

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