Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lucky Strikes

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Melia is a pretty independent girl.  She helps her mom, Brenda, run their gas station.  But when her mom dies, Melia has to figure out a way to take care of her younger brother and sister, avoid foster care, and keep the gas station out of the hands of a rival.  When a homeless man literally ends up on their doorstep Melia asks him to "act" as her father.  But who is he really?  

This was a really good book.  Melia was a great character and the story was at times funny, sad, a bit violent, a whole lot irreverent, and full of action.  My biggest issue with the book was the cover.  It speaks middle grade mystery to me but the book really is intended I'd say for 7th and up - quite a bit of swearing, some innuendo...  Will the cover turn off the intended readership?

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