Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Wild Ones

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Kit has always lived under the Big Sky in the wild.  But when his parents are attacked Kit is forced tofind his uncle in Ankle Snap Alley where wild ones live.  The problem is there is a turf war going on between the Wild Ones and the Flealess.  Apparently the Wild Ones were only allowed to live in Ankle Snap Alley for awhile and then it reverted back to the Flealess.  But, some believe a deal was made with Azba, the first racoon and something called the Bone of Contention.  Can Kit find this Bone of Contention and help keep the Wild Ones in their homes?

I am not really a fan of animal fantasy for the most part.  This wasn't bad.  Not my favorite but a fairly quick read, good action, and Kit was a good character.  

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