Friday, February 5, 2016

Close to the Wind

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Malik and his papa are on the run.  Soldiers attacked Malik's house and took his mother.  Now Malik and his papa are trying to get to a ship that will take refugees to safety.  But it is dangerous and tickets to get on the ship are expensive.  At 10, Malik doesn't understand much of what is going on.  He wants to trust his papa but he also feels that he couldbe lying to him.

The crisis in this book is unidentified.  I am sure it was done for a reason - to make it more universal.  But, it also took away from the effect of the book, at least for me.  I found some parts of the book quite strong, the tooth scene and the confrontation between Malik and Vex and yet other parts of the book were not as strong.  The ending felt rushed to me and there were so many unanswered questions.  

Overall, while I feel it could be a book that cold lead to discussions about refugees, I am not sure it is a book my students will be drawn to.

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