Monday, February 15, 2016

In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse

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Jimmy and his grandfather take a trip over the summer that shadows some of the locations that played a prominant role in the life of Crazy Horse.  The purpose of the trip is for Jimmy to connect with this Lakota hero and come to terms with his own heritage and also possibly help with some bullying he faces.

I felt the book started out strong with Jimmy and his grandfather and their trip.  As they travelled to different locations the grandfather told "The Way it Was".  One issue I had was the sequence of events in Crazy Horse's life was not told chronologically (probably based on the journey) which made it a bit difficult to follow.  The story of Jimmy and the grandfather was just a vehicle for really telling about Crazy Horse which I get but I felt that it took over and Jimmy and his grandfather's portion really fizzled out, making the ending - Jimmy's return home and overcoming the bullies- not quite as strong.

Of course, as always, those were my opinions.  Many of my friends who also read the book loved it.  

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