Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Spindrift and the Orchid

Spindrift was found in a boat in the ocean.  Her parents were drowned in an attack.  Now she lives with her grandfather who collects and sells oddities and magical items.  One day, while her grandfather is out, a man comes looking for a black orchid.  She doesn't know what he is talking about but she soon discovers that it is something hidden in a sphere that was found with her in the boat.

It turns out that the sphere contains the black orchid which is one of the Seven Sages.  Almost like a genie in a bottle, this orchid turns into a woman that can grant wishes.  How wonderful - and there is no limit.  Spindrift also starts to learn more of her parents' story through letters that were exchanged between her mother and grandfather.  Spindrift soon discovers that there are more orchids, that her mother was trying to find them all and it pretty much drove her crazy, and now someone else is after them as well.

Can Spindrift find the missing Orchid's before the other man gets them and can she resists their lure?

This was a good adventure with a decent lesson.  Spindrift was a strong character as were her two friends.

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