Saturday, September 9, 2017

Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastatlantic

This is a really interesting concept.  The earth has changed as a result of a Time Collision.  Now people from different eras have been forced to live together in a much altered world.  Diego's father, Santiago is a genius builder and has created steam substitutes since electricity no longer works.  But there are those who do not like the way the world is now and would seek to turn things back if they could.  

Diego's father is kidnapped early in the book and Diego and his friends Petey, Lucy, and Paige join a band of pirates who are going to rescue Santiago and others.

First, the illustrations.  My eBook version is not doing them any justice - I am sure they are beautiful in the physical copy and in color.  

I loved the concept but ...  for my library the characters are too old and there is a bit too much romance (that to me bordered on cheesy - but maybe that's my age).  I think this could find a place in a junior high library and I did like the Steam Punk feel of it.

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