Monday, September 4, 2017

The Notations of Cooper Cameron

Ever since the death of his grandfather 2 years earlier Cooper has felt compulsions - read every word three times, count his chews, wash his hands, and protect the rest of his family any way he can.  No one really seems to understand what is going on.  His mom is supportive in a way but isn't really helping, his sister is in turns understanding and extremely frustrated, and his dad is downright awful.  His mom, sister, and Cooper decide to spend the summer at the grandfather's cottage.  There Cooper suffers mostly in silence - with some instances of happiness or friendship.  Unfortunately, every time his father comes to visit things get worse.  In time Cooper starts to work his own way through and by the ending there is hope that he is really getting  better.

I get what the author was doing, especially after reading the author's note.  I had a hard time reading the book though because I was so frustrated for Cooper and the lack of help and understanding he was receiving and his father's treatment was awful.  I could see the hope by the end but overall the book was very sad for me.

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