Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Glass Castle

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Avery has had a wonderful life with her father and brother except for the fact that her mother has disappeared.  But then, Avery and her brother are kidnapped by an old woman.  Avery soon finds herself with a whole bunch of other kidnapped kids who all happen to be 13.  Their brothers and sisters are all being held somewhere else.  Even more strange is that they are all (except for Avery) orphans.  

The kidnapped children soon form a network of scouts and their own "government" to keep an eye on the king and his new wife who is hiding some secrets and is probably behind the kidnappings.

I liked the story for the most part but when I got within 50 pages of the end realized it wasn't going to end - sequel set up and really not a satisfying ending at all.  That aspect really ruined it for me...

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