Friday, May 24, 2013

Deck Z: The Titanic - Unsinkable Undead by Chris Paul and Matt Soloman


You know that story about the Titanic you've always heard?  Well forget that.  It was really the zombies.  I mean, yes, they still hit an iceberg but it's because Ismay was in such a hurry to get to New York and away from the Zombies.  Apparently Theodore Weiss discovered a new strain of the plague.  While studying it and seeking a cure he found out that the German high command wanted to use the plague for nefarious purposes so Dr. Weiss escaped with the vial of the Toxic on the Titanic.  Of course it got into the wrong hands and the rest is history.   If you have students interested in Zombies then this was an interesting twist.  A bit violent - duh and some language.

I was amused by it  --  ribbet (my frog looks odd with Zombies)

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