Saturday, February 10, 2018

Someday Birds

Charlie is such an interesting character - anxiety, OCD, Aspergers??  The book doesn't really spell it out but Charlie is endearing as he tries to navigate the world he lives in.

Charlie's dad was a journalist who was injured by a mine in Afghanistan.  Now he is slowly recovering from the brain injury.  When there is a promising new treatment and doctor on the other side of the country his dad and grandmother go while Charlie, his brothers, and sister are left in the care of a neighbor.  Except that doesn't work out so well and eventually the whole family, in the care of a mysterious woman with ties to his dad and Afghanistan, set of cross country in a RV to join his dad and grandmother.  Charlie decides that along the way he will try and see all the birds on the list his dad and he made of "someday birds".  In Charlie's mind he believes that by seeing the birds he will somehow help his dad recover.  He also decides he wants to meet a famous birder.  

This was a slow moving story at first but was filled with a lot of heart. 

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