Saturday, May 27, 2017


I am not sure what to say about this book.  I do typically like scary stories and even sad ones but this was just so sad and disturbing - not in the actions themselves but in the implications.  It is about a girl, Mary, in an orphanage at Thornhill which is closing down in 1982.  Then is is also about a girl, Ella, in 2017 who moves in next door to the abandoned Thornhill building.  Mary's story is told through her diary and Ella's story is told through pictures.

Mary is selectively mute (the why we never know or how she became an orphan) and is abused by one girl at Thornhill in particular.  Ella is left alone a lot and begins exploring the ruins of Thornhill and sees a mysterious "person".  Through Mary's diary we discover the events leading up to a tragic event.  The disturbing part is that no one helped her - she was obviously hurting and no one reached out.  Ella finally finds Mary's room and her diary.

But the ending...  I wasn't a fan, so sad and tragic and I felt unnecessary.

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